We provide a comprehensive design and installation service. We take care of all the planning and design for the perfect solution for your requirements, allowing you to get a complete solution from one company. We provide a huge range of products from traditional styles to the very latest designs.

These are some of the solutions we offer:

Unvented Hot Water Systems. These systems provide the ultimate in hot water usage by having all the benefits of stored hot water with the added bonus of having it all under mains pressure. You will enjoy invigorating showers, baths filled in under five minutes and balanced water pressure throughout your home. These systems work perfectly with modern taps and valves to give you the ultimate in comfort.

Single or Multi Point Hot Water Systems. Different properties have different hot water requirements. For example, we can install a single point heater (services one tap) over an office sink or a multiple point hot water system in a large, busy home. We can give you instantaneous hot water or stored hot water for the larger property. Both these systems are compatible with various fuel sources such as electric, gas, oil, solid fuel and renewable energy.

Water Conservation.  Make the most use out of the water around us and the water that we let go down the drain. We can provide systems such as rain water harvesting and greywater recycling:

Rain water harvesting collects rain water from your roof via the guttering into an underground tank. This water can then be used in the home for most requirements such as bathing, showering and laundry. More than 50% of mains water can be substituted by rainwater.

Greywater is waste water generated from domestic activities such as laundry, dishwashing and bathing. This water is then recycled on-site for uses such as flushing toilets, washing machines and outside taps.

Bathroom Installation. We offer a full service from installation only right through to a  complete design and installation solution.

Sanitation Systems. We can provide comprehensive solutions for commercial or public projects, such as Gents and Ladies facilities, janitorial facilities and communal shower areas. Bathroom below ground? No problem, we can install a pumped macerator to dispose of the waste water into the mains sewer.

Maintenance of Plumbing Systems: We provide both reactive and planned solutions. We can respond to your emergencies as well as provide a more comprehensive service by planning your maintenance works in advance in order to prevent an emergency and ensure your equipment is efficient and reliable.


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