SAVE SAVE SAVE…. With renewable technologies in Staffordshire and around. If you are off grid, you can be in the driving seat to make the highest savings on these renewable technologies. Also by choosing these energies, you are reducing your impact on the environment with reduced carbon emissions.

Staffordshires renewable energy options

We provide Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps and Solar Hot Water Systems.

Please ask about Solar Photo Voltaic and Bio Mass services, as we are adding these this year.

MCS accredited for Ground Source, Air Source Heat Pumps and Solar Hot Water!

With Solar Hot Water, thermal energy is extracted from the sun and converted to usable hot water and electricity 365 days a year. This will provide up to 60% of your annual hot water requirements.

Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps extract the heat that is held in the air and in the ground. It converts this heat into usable heat energy to use around your home for heating or hot water. This offers big savings over traditional heating methods. Coupled with maximum insulation in your home, this can provide a substantial reduction in your energy costs.

Heat pumps work a bit like a fridge, but in reverse. See our picture to see how they operate:

ground source heat pump cycle

Watch the Video on the Altherma Heat Pump System



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